Why Australasian Academy of Higher Education?


At AAHE, our mission is to prepare a new generation of learners for a new generation of careers. We monitor developments in industry and continually update our courses to ensure that our students are fully prepared for the careers of the future. We concentrate on the worldwide skills shortage in technology-related disciplines. We provide qualifications at multiple levels of the Australian Qualifications Framework and we strive every day to be known internationally as an innovator and educator of choice for students from diverse backgrounds.


AAHE uses a collaborative and technology-enabled active learning approach in its curriculum development and teaching practice. It promotes ‘learning by doing’ and places value in reflective practice that encourages students to think critically and to challenge their preconceived assumptions and ideas.

With a focus on technology-related courses that lead to careers that are in high demand, AAHE develops curricula based on the latest research and industry practices. Its courses provide students with the knowledge and skills needed for their chosen profession and builds towards an authentic work integrated learning experience that allows them to apply what they have learnt to real world problems in a professional context. Every course has a work integrated learning experience that builds student confidence and professional skills and demonstrates their career-readiness to prospective employers.

Student experience

We are a small and friendly academy that prides itself on getting to know all of our students individually. Our lecturers post regular consultation hours outside of class times when you can drop in, ask questions and seek advice. Our Support Officers are available to assist you with any learning issues or problems you may experience, and with personal or practical problems that may arise while you’re studying.

Perhaps most importantly, we collect and listen carefully to student feedback and do our best to provide the kind of learning experience our students want.

International students

The Australian Government is committed to ensuring that international students have an excellent education experience in Australia. For more information go to International Students – aahe.edu.au