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Feedback and Complaints

We do our best to give each student a warm welcome and to ensure that they have a quality educational experience at AAHE. We also encourage students to tell us if they think we could do better. We organise regular student satisfaction surveys, but students can email the Registrar or Dean at any time if they have feedback or suggestions to improve the student experience.

A student who is concerned about something that has happened at AAHE and wants a specific outcome may be able to resolve the problem informally by discussing the matter directly with the responsible person or asking a AAHE staff member to help them.

In addition, all students have the right to:

    1. request a review of assessment-related decisions
    2. appeal against certain academic and administrative decisions taken by AAHE
    3. lodge a complaint if they feel they have been wrongly treated by AAHE or one of its staff members.

Reviews, appeals and complaints are formal processes that must be completed within set timeframes. More information is in the Student Handbook, or you can contact the Student Support Officer ( for advice. All serious matters or breaches of AAHE’s Student Code of Conduct or Staff Code of Conduct should be directed to the Registrar ( in the first instance.