Trustworthy Systems

CYB306: Trustworthy Systems

Core or elective unit Elective
Credit points 6
Effective full time student load (EFTSL) 0.125
Prerequisites CYB105: Computer Systems and Fundamentals
Corequisite None

The unit will cover topics on the broader area of trustworthy computing systems. The first part of the unit will include an introduction to trustworthiness in the design-time flux, asymmetry analysis of cyberspace and its effects to trustworthy system design, trade-off for cybersecurity performance vs. functionality. The second part of the unit comprises trustworthy system strategies for risk management, information assurance fundamentals, cybersensors, exploitation tactics and holistic intelligence including cybersecurity command and control design (including command and control centres). The third part of the unit will comprise topics on architecting trustworthy cybersecurity, formal verification and protocol assurance for trustworthy systems, optimisation for cybersecurity (knapsack algorithm) and sensitivity analysis (including basics of probability).

Examine fundamentals of trusted computing systems and related protocols
Apply knowledge of cybersecurity to foster information assurance and to engineer cybersecurity for trustworthy systems
Apply security analysis techniques for evaluating complex IT systems including formal protocol verification
Identify and architect cyber security solutions and formally prove solution viability

On average students will spend 130 hours undertaking learning and assessment activities throughout the semester.

Scheduled classroom activities 3 hours per week
Independent learning, collaboration and assessment tasks 7 hours per week